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If you would prefer to follow this tour in a paper format, we have provided the text of the tour in a printer-friendly format. Here you can print the guide on your own printer and follow it at your own pace.

This guide is an adaptation of the audio guide which is also available from this website.

The Printable Version of the Hull Heritage Walk follows exactly the same route with the same stages as the Audio Guide.

Walk – Paper Version download here January 2017

If you have a particular interest in something you see it may be on the Want to Know More section of this guide where you can browse or print the information – either before or after your tour to whet your appetite or to satisfy it – more than likely both.

The Heritage Walk photographs are available to download and print, they can be found on the website in the Photo Gallery, the Now and Then and the Want to know More sections.

On the printable guide we have kept photographs to a minimum – (we have regard for your printer and ink) but there are pictures of most of the Stopping Points.

Hull, has a uniquely well-preserved medieval street pattern, thanks largely to the ring of town docks built, during the late 18th and early 19th centuries, along the line of the former moat that lay just outside the town walls (see Hull Docks in Want to know more section). Hull was a fully walled City from the 14th to the middle of the 18th Century. By the mid 1750’s the brick walls were beginning to crumble and the North Wall was demolished in the 1770’s to make way for Queens Dock (now Queens Gardens).

There are many intriguing places of interest along the narrow, cobbled streets and riverside staiths that make up the ’Hull Heritage Walk’. We aim to bring to life the remarkable heritage at the heart of this great modern city of ours.

We do hope you enjoy the walk and we would be pleased to receive any feedback through the Contact Us section on our website.