Stage 2 – Into the Old Town

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Hull’s Monasteries – Monastic life was very important in Hull’s past and although it can be readily seen in the names Whitefriargate and Blackfriargate, many existing buildings started life in Monastic use.

Hull and the English Civil War – Beverley gate is now recognised as an ancient monument, one reason is that it is the site of the first public act of defiance against King Charles 1st before the English Civil War.

Beggar’s Bridgea Hull story of Adventure, Love and Romance.  Tomas Ferres Master Mariner, Warden of Hull Trinity House, Mayor and Sheriff of Hull.

Now & Then

Princess Dock   See how Princess Dock looked in the 1960’s compared to today

Princess Dock – Lock gates – Barges wait to get into Queens Dock c1880 and the same view today