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Hi Liz! How are you? Tom

Trying Tom. A bit scared of doing something daft.

All looks fine to me so far Liz 🙂

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Stage 0 – Introduction – X mins

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Older version of Stage 4 for Dave

Download the complete tour here.

Stage 1 Queen Victoria Square – 11 mins – Download



Discover Hull at your own pace with our free MP3 audio guide. It is a unique way of exploring Hull. You can save the walk to your MP3 player, iPad, iPhone or android device and let us guide you through our incredible city. Discover Hull’s Maritime past as you explore the City’s Old Town, the Town Docks and Riverside Quay. The Hull Heritage Walk has 9 stages and stage 1 starts at the City Hall in Queen Victoria Square.

Download the complete tour here

To download an individual chapter to your device – click on the links below for each stage.
Stage 1 – Queen Victoria Square – 11 mins
Stage 2 – Into the Old Town – 15 mins
Stage 3 – Prince Street to the Marina – 5 mins
Stage 4 – The Marina – 10 mins
Stage 5 – The Pier Area – 14 mins
Stage 6 – Market Place to High Street – 14 mins
Stage 7 – High Street to the River – 20 mins
Stage 8 – Wilberforce House to Hepworths Arcade – 17 mins
Stage 9 – Hepworths to Victoria Square – 18 mins

If you have any comments about the guide or its contents then please feel free to contact us here.

The full walk, without breaks, should take about an hour and a half but it could take all day if you really want to get into the heart of our wonderful city. For those who want more information about a particular subject or area, please refer to the Want to Know More? section of this website, as well as our Now & Then section.

We support the Hull City Council’s Be a ‘Smart Pedestrian’ campaign
The guide is full of fascinating information which takes you back over the centuries. However we cannot do the same for modern traffic! So please follow the guidelines mentioned in the audio and be aware at all times, of roads traffic and other pedestrians. We want you to observe the fine building and interesting alleyways you’ll pass on the way but please be equally observant of your surroundings.